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We believe that if the student hasn't learned, it is our job to re-teach! We know that a student doesn't care what a teacher knows until the student knows that the teacher cares! We care for each of our students.


Ala Carte Learning Solutions, Inc. offers a guarantee that each student will progress by one grade level in reading, spelling, or math with 30 clinical hours of one-to-one instruction

Academic Assessment
To begin our process to learn success, we start with an individual, comprehensive academic evaluation. First, we assess reading, spelling, writing, and arithmetic with a range achievement test. This instrument has been widely used in educational institutions for over 50 years and is known as both a highly reliable and valid instrument. We complete our academic assessment by measuring the learner's receptive language with an equally well-known and respected evaluation instrument. We use this assessment because receptive language is one of the best predictors of academic success.


Reading is not only a pleasurable leisure activity; it is an essential skill for success in almost any professional field. Ala Carte Learning Solution's unique one-to-one, multisensory teaching methods, combined with an efficient, carefully sequenced curriculum, will foster strong reading skills in learners of from kindergarten to high school. Non-readers and readers who possess fair reading skills, but who are not fluent readers tend to make word identification errors.


From accounting to zoology; from carpentry to simply balancing a checkbook, strong math skills are fundamental requirements for success in life. Ala Carte Learning Solution's unique one-to-one teaching approaches, combined with an efficient, carefully sequenced curriculum will foster math proficiency in learners of all ages from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, through fractions and decimals, to geometry and beyond. 


Spelling is an essential skill for success in school and in many professional fields. Ala Carte Learning Solution's unique one-to-one teaching methods, combined with an efficient, carefully sequenced curriculum will foster strong spelling and writing skills in learners. 


Writing is an essential skill and a fundamental method of communication. The writing program has six levels. The beginning level covers all basic skills: sentence development, capitalization, and punctuation, editing, reporting, inferring, relevance, and expanded writing. The intermediate and advanced levels include parts of speech and sentence analysis, clarity, making persuasive arguments, passage writing, parallel construction, vocabulary, descriptions, grammar, deductions, reasoning and writing extensions. 

Critical Thinking

Comprehension, organization, vocabulary, retention and information processing are important basic thinking skills and are required of almost anyone. The Critical Thinking Skills (Comprehension) program is ideal for students that may be proficient in logical reasoning but have not mastered reasoning skills to the point where applying them is automatic. These students need extra help with learning new concepts, understanding written instructions, reading comprehensions, and the mechanics of writing. Critical Thinking Skills starts with oral language and teaches deductions, inductions, analogies, vocabulary, and inferences. The second level expands into basic evidence, contradictions, classifications, body systems, economic rules, and more vocabulary. Wiring skills such as paragraph-writing and story-writing, and following both written and oral directions, are also added. The more advanced level emphasizes life skills, reading for information, analyzing arguments, and higher-order reasoning. 

Early Education
Make sure your student starts off on the right foot and keeps pace with the rest of their class. Our early education programs start for students in preschool and assist with learning to read, reading to learn, and critical thinking. Check out some of the specialty areas below!

Learn to Read

This program provides solid, systematic reading instruction, using proven Direct Instruction techniques. It is a developmental reading program for children who are described above. It is research proven and teaches decoding, basic comprehension and spelling skills.

Ideal for:


-Students in Preschool through 1st Grade


-Students who have some knowledge of letter sounds and letter names


-Students who have completed 1st grade and are not yet reading


-Students in 2nd or 3rd grade who are not reading at grade level

Learn to Read (Continued Lessons)

This program provides a solid structure and challenging materials that develop a strong vocabulary, multiple decoding skills, and world knowledge that allow students to understand, interpret, and use new information. At the completion of this program, students typically place into fifth-grade level reading materials and are able to read to learn.

Ideal for:


-Early elementary students who have difficulty with reading instructions


-Students who struggle with phonics and fluency


-Students whose first language is not English

Reading Comprehension and Critical Thiking Skills

This program provides young learners with the knowledge and understanding of the language they need to achieve proficiency at decoding. This oral language program teaches children the words, concepts, and statements important to both oral and written language, and helps enable them to extend this knowledge to other areas of their development. The language program gives early students the essential tools and understanding to foster continued educational success.

Ideal for:


-Students in preschool through 2nd grade


-5-7-year-olds with below standard language knowledge


-4-year-olds in preschool programs


-Primary age children in bilingual/ESL/ELL programs


-Primary age children who are in Title 1 or Special Education Programs

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