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A recent Meta-Analysis in the Review of Educational Research documents a half-century of "strong positive results" and is lauded by Robert Pondisco, Head of Educational Policy and Governance at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Business. The fifty years of success with Direct Instruction coincides with the results realized by Ala Carte Learning Solutions. 


It is this consistent record of academic achievement and improved self-esteem realized by learners that have gone through the program that inspires our team. Ala Carte Learning Soltuions, Inc. uses the same research-proven curriculum that leads to the success this study realized over the past fifty years. 



The full article is available HERE.

Some Facts to Consider...

Every student who does not complete High School costs our society approximately $260,000 in lost earnings, taxes and productivity. 
Youth and young adults aged 16-24 who dropped out of High School are
to be institutionalized than those with a B.A. or higher.
The median individual income for a High-School dropout in 2007 was $23,000.
For someone with a Bachelor's degree, it was $48,000.

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