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Are you worried about your student falling behind?

We offer private and small group classes to provide your child with what they need to be successful.

1 Student + 1 Teacher + 1 Hour = SUCCESS!

98.6% Proven Success Rate!

We guarantee that each student performing one year or more below grade level in reading, spelling, or math will progress at least one grade level with 30 clinical hours of one-to-one instruction in the chosen subject, as measured by a different version of the original test at the end of the 30 lessons in a 3-month period.

From Our Directors

May 31, 2020

Drawing Vitality From The Toughest of Days

These days might be considered the worst of times, but our responsibility is to help our children to navigate life even when it is not easy. 

Vicki L. Rueckert, Ed.D.

Jul 5, 2020

Helping Our Kids To Do Their Best

“No one ever outperforms his/her self image,”  taken from a recent Harvard study on self-esteem. 

Vicki L. Rueckert, Ed.D.


"My daughter has grown academically and dramatically improved her self-confidence with a few brief months with individual instruction from Ala Carte Learning Solutions."

"Ala Carte Learning has provided tremendously helpful direction for my handicapped, pre-school grandson. Her guidance has allowed us to provide him with programs that are making a big difference in his development."

"There is no doubt, the experience behind Ala Carte Learning Solutions will bring fresh and innovative ideas to teaching and learning."

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